and I'm not talking basketball, or whatever.

This morning B and I came out to the living room to play, and there was a big red hornet waspy guy on the window. UGH. I can squash about any land locked bug without a second thought, but flying stingy bugs give me a run for my money. Flight overtakes fight and I am outta there. However, this one was in MY living room...how he even got in here (in OCTOBER nonetheless) is a mystery. I went and got the trusy can of suger mega plaster hair spray and a fly swatter for defense and moved the baby to the other side of the room. This sucker was going down.

So I sprayed him for a good 30 seconds straight. His wings were stuck in place, he was white from the cold, and he finally let go and fell over dead...so I thought.

Flash forward to thirty minutes later (after opening a good amount of windows and turning on fans to rid the house of the essence of herbal) and the sucker is crawling back up the window shades right next to me. Freakin terminator bug.

He is now squashed up in the trash can covered with a second layer or aerosol goodness. Now I must attend to the screaming squirrel, ciao