I knew better

Yea, turns out it's all smoke and no wax.  

I knew it didn't make sense that (1) you could have that much wax in your ear and still hear ANYTHING and (2) that the drips in the wax chunk formed downward not upwards.  Ah well, it was fun why it lasted.  

So Brookelynn has started saying 'bananana' the last few days.  Today, it morphed into 'nononono'.  BAD news man.  She points at the fireplace..."nononononono", picks up the remote..."nonononono".  Yeaaaa.  Exciting times!  She now officially has 4 little teeth and a few more on the way.  She took a few steps the other night... look out house.  

In case anyone is wondering, we are still doing cloth diapers.  I haven't been responsible enough to line dry them since around...oh say, October?  It's been cold, and Barry deconstructed my line creation.  Brookelynn is still using the potty chair or a ring on the toilet, but her game is still a little off since a run in with the runs back in November.  poor dear!


random thought

It's not often that a President's legacy is compared to the great Presidents of the past before it has even begun.  I sincerely hope this isn't a premature mistake.   

Just a thought.  

In other news, ear wax is really gross.