Stepping up my game

The economy, layoffs, recession, other big scary financial words...blah blah blah.  It hasn't hit toooo close to home *yet*, but I have been trolling the net looking for $$ saving plans just in case...not to mention, saving money is good, right?  

I have been reading about people who save $$ at CVS pharmacy, and save to the point that they actually *make* money (after rebates and such).  I was pretty bummed that we don't have one of
 those nifty stores in the Tulsa area, but we *do* have an overabundance of Walgreens stores.  Apparently, you can do something similar there combining manufacturer's coupons, store coupons, and there EasySaver rebate program.  
I thought I would give it a try this month and see how it worked out.  I didn't really start until this week, so I missed some really great deals the week before =( Oh well.  Pictured are just a few of the items I have bought there this month, and so far, I have a total net cost of $12.  That includes-

Two Sunday Papers (that I clipped the coupons from that saved me over $15)  -$2 each
Two Glade Sense&Spray air freshener systems - Final cost they pay ME $1.01 after two coupons and rebates
Two 'say yes to carrot' lip balms - They pay me $.60 after two coupons each
Thermacare heat wrap - free after rebate
Starbucks fancy evil chocolate - $1 each after in store and EasySaver coupons
Walgreens Contact Lens Soln.- Free after rebate
Two packs of 40ct. diapers- $10 total after coupon and in store discount (that's $.125 a diaper, outstanding!)
Revlon Spa Foundation - Free after rebate

That is just the beginning.  I got a few other things throughout the month, and now I am waiting on my Walgreens rebate card to arrive in the mail.  They load all my rebates on there, plus 10%.  That covers tax (you still have to pay tax on rebate/manufacturer's coupon items) and then some.  From here on out, I should never have to spend another dime out of pocket at Walgreens as long as I can keep my actual expense at an amount less than the $$ on the card.   They also have some items that print 'register rewards' that you can turn around and spend like cash on your next purchase.  You can't use them to buy the same item you received them on (well, you can, but you won't get another reward), but you CAN spend them on a different item that will give you a reward...then use that reward to buy another of the first item if you so desire!  I will try to update in a few weeks and let you know how this is working out for me =)

This all started because I was searching for some coupons I could print to save on Cascade.  Well, I could only find coupons that would come in the mail, and I needed detergent like yesterday.  
I settled for Palmolive's new 'ECO' variety in a move to save the world...or a few bucks, it was considerably less expensive than other name brands.  Well, it turns out it's cheap for a reason...go figure.  
It cleans alright, but it leaves a nice white film in its stead.  It does wipe right off, but it's not exciting to have more work to do after you thought the work was done!  It does smell VERY nice though while the dishes are running.

In other news, Brookelynn is walking.  About a month ago she began toddling, and now she is quite proficient at getting around upright like the rest of us civilized types.  She really is growing up too fast...she will be a year old in a couple weeks!  It is SO WEIRD to see her chasing after all the other kids at our Bible study group.  She can't keep up yet, but she sure tries hard!  

Barry and I celebrated three years of joyous matrimony last Tuesday.  He came home from work early and we hit a movie and Olive Garden.  It is the first movie we've seen together in the theatre since we saw fireproof with our church.  Before that?  I don't even remember!   It was very nice.  We wrapped up our evening at around 7PM...we really are getting old, lol.  

Off off and away...