Sweet One Year Old Baby!

We made it!!! All three of us survived the first year of parenthood/childhood without any visible scars =)

Delicious cupcake cone. The pink icing was her favorite...and it also lead her to eat the pink SAND at Ma and Pop B's this weekend at Sasha's 2nd BDay party!

You want me to what?

She learned how to 'blow' the night before on her actual birthday, but it didn't take. She actually does blow, but it goes straight up her nose...no good for birthday candles. She did, however, try and grab the flame. Baby Pyro.

With the Grandmas (and Andrea Hammond in the background) receiving the top tier conecake.

Finally, she got the cupcake alone.

Coloring with Tom Chao. That could be like a PBS show or something.

It's my party! I LOVE BALLOONS!

What does the tiger say?

Hanging out with Daddy

With cousin Ryan who came all the way from Texas to spend the day with us! Uncle BJ and Cousin Sasha in the background.

Who stayed up 'til 4 AM making a castle cake? MOMMY of course =)

All in all, it was an awesome day and an AWESOME first year =)

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Those pictures are adorable!