Too many updates

So, today's my 28th birthday...yeesh. That seems so old..until I remember that Matt will be THIRTY this September!!! He surprised us all and drove up from San An this weekend, it was an awesome surprise. His wife Bethany is starting to look a little balloonish as she grows plump with child =P Everyone made it over/up to our house for cake and chicken, good times were had by all.

Pappaw brought me an old picture from when I was about 6 years old of me, Mammaw, mom, and dad out at Lake Feuton in NM on a motor home trip back in '87. If you add up the years, that makes Mammaw 52 (mom is now a year from there) and mom 29 (a year from ME now). I wonder if Pappaw was thinking of that?

Here is a sampler of the AWESOME gifts I didn't deserve-

One shiny purple BICYCLE and helmet (he knows me so well!) from my love and my baby

One GPS unit from my parents. No, I am not *that* directionally impaired! We used it on the way to Houston and it was so incredibly awesome for finding things on the fly, I raved about it, and apparently mom listened! Thanks momma daddy =)

Gift card from Pappaw to the local Lone Star Steakhouse...yummmmmmy!

Picture collage frame complete with photos from momma in law and Nancy, woo hoo! They know me well too...well enough to know I would take 5 years to get pictures in that thing. Also, some sweet purple pants, a squarish cookie/biscuit cutter, and some delicious gourmet coffee!

Matt and Bethany got me a beautiful purple picture frame (where's the picture to go inside guys, seriously?), a VERY unique rectangular glass vase with flower apliques all over it, and some SWEET Amy Brown (Faerie artist) band aids! The vase is a new favorite thing...where am I going to put it?

BJ and Jennie got me a HUGE purple collage frame! It's like these people know I love purple =) She says she will help me get pictures in it, yay! She showed me some from the girls playing in the pink sandbox that will go WONDERFULLY with the purple =)

Not that it's about the gifts, but I love everything and am so blessed to have people in my life that know me so well =) THANKS!!!

Here is a picture sampler from the day

Saturday was the big Egg Drop at Centennial Park in Owasso hosted by our church. It was surprisingly large...we are estimating over 2000 people showed up to gawk at a helicopter dropping eggs from the sky. When we were planning it, we were thinking we'd be doing good to get about 300 there. What a surprise turn out! I guess people are still fascinated by cool old school stuff like helos. Check out our pastor's blog for more pix and video to follow (give him a few days, he is currently horking his guts out with the stomach flu...poor fella').

Brookelynn had a great time with the Grandmas. I was helping out so I called in the reserves. They played in the park, slept in the stroller, and chased baby duckies.

A BIG thank you to Tulsa Helicopter and Chick-Fil-A for their kind donations and support!!!!!!!!!

And here are photos courtesy of Tresa's awesome camera! Look closely at the helo dropping the eggs....yes, those are COWS parachuting down as well!!!! Chick-Fil-A is totally awesome.

Alright, I really should get to other things now.

To do today-

1. Drink More Coffee
2. Take care of baby
3. Do taxes =(
4. Eat CAKE =)


Anonymous said...

Great pics and great post about the drop!! Woohoo!! Go Lifepoint!!

Marnie :o)

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