Happy Birthday TO ME!!!


I called corporate today to clarify the use of 'register rewards' as I have had mixed results in the past. These are coupons that print at wags when you buy certain items, and you are supposed to be able to use them like cash on your next purchase. Well, many cashiers would not allow me to use more than 1 in a single transaction. Reading the verbage on the coupon, I should be able to use as many of these as I have items...as long as it doesn't push the total negative. The lady thought I could only use one on a transaction, but said that she would pass it along to the higher ups.

This was about 2 pm, and I already received a call from our local manager Jordan! WAY TO GO JORDAN! He said he had been going back and forth with the district office to decide how to handle these. He agreed with me that I should be able to use 1 per item (they are 'manufacturer's coupons', so coupon policy says I can use one MC per item) =) Ha said he just had a meeting with all his cashiers and it shouldn't be a problem! WOOT. I also had him clarify that a RR should print even if I use a coupon on that item (as long as the Q isn't a RR for the same item). Sorry if you're not a couponer, this would be about clear as mud right?

This is a huge victory for me as I have been fighting them about this issue for a month now =) WTG WAGS!!!!!!

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Kristen said...

I'm working on the coupon stuff, so that made a little sense... :)
I can't praise Hawaii enough, we are hoping to go back next year with Mom and Dad. They've been wanting to go the year they both turn 50!

I love all the pictures of Brookelynn - she is so adorable!